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Steel sheets coated in different combinations of metal and paint are a construction material widely used all over the world. The popularity of the material is determined by many of its qualities: Corrosion-resistant, Architectonic, Environmentally-friendly, Fireproof, Easy to shape, Stable under temperature variations. Metal sheets are generally used for roofing and exterior cladding and as the main element in walls, ceilings, and jointed beams. Our partners have extensive experience in manufacturing pre-painted steel sheets. Choose the products that best suit your needs. In construction, steel sheets with different coatings are used as project-based profiled cladding, weatherproofing, installing roof rainwater drainage systems, cassette panels, and general interior and exterior finishing. Because many requirements apply to steel sheets coated in various combinations – Environmental certification, Processing properties, Fire resistance requirements, Stability under temperature variations – manufacturers of raw materials have developed many combinations of patented metal coating systems that produce different properties.


Classification of coating materials. Certain technical and chemical requirements also apply to the base of the sheet, i.e., the steel.

When T<0.70 mm, applies to 2 equally lower values. Applies to any bending according to the SS-EN 10142 standard, which defines the layer of metal additives. In weight groups Z350 and AZ185, higher radius values generally apply, T = sheet width. Applies to max. width of the sheet. Higher radius values for wider sheets. If coated in zinc.

Soft steel used for manufacturing a variety of products:

Mechanical properties of the sheet must meet the following requirements: meets FePO2G according to SS-EN 101 42.

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