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Klöber Permo® roof membranes with high diffusion capacity

Klöber Permo Easy H is a high-tech multi-layer roof membrane with high diffusion capacity. Its reinforced structure is resistant to tears and sliding. The hydrophobic membrane is not torn when pierced by nails. Extremely UV-resistant. Factor Sd 0.02 m. Permo Easy H is suitable for roofs with or without a board base and for roofs with a ventilation opening, lined by thermal insulation diffusion membrane.

No pests or fungi

The excellent diffusion capacity of Klöber Permo allows the use of chemically untreated wood because moisture can easily evaporate at all times. Therefore, the rafters do not have to be treated chemically and the conditions favorable for fungi and other pests are not created. It is a healthy alternative for the residents, the house, and the environment.


Klöber Permo extends the life of roof beams

The rafters are the crowning element of the building. Klöber Permo makes sure that this crown remains cool. No toxic vapors, no hazards to people or the environment. The wood will remain strong for a long time and breathing will allow it to live as long as the house does. Recycling is another advantage of Klöber Permo. Since the material of Klöber Permo is produced from polyolefin, it can be recycled. This allows us to save raw materials. Klöber Permo is environmentally-friendly and can be disposed of together with domestic waste.                                   

Against UV radiation, moisture, and tears

Even under intense UV radiation, the membrane remains UV-resistant for 4 months. Klöber Permo material can be left in open air for a very long time, which gives you enough time to lay the top layer of the roof. Intense UV radiation, even under direct sunlight, does not damage the polyolefin produced by modern technology. This is essential, if the construction work takes longer or if certain parts of the roof are left uncovered. Try Klöber Permo today and avoid stress in your work. Klöber Permo withstands very high water loads, which allows you to avoid the 'tent-effect'. You know: how touching the wet roof of a tent makes the water permeate through the material and run down your finger. This is made possible by the special structure of  Klöber Permo. The watertightness of this material according to DIN 53886 is > 1,550 mm H2O.

Durability on every day of hard work.  Klöber Permo is the model of durability and reliability in work, increasing safety on site. The material is not slippery even when wet and does not tear when stepped on. Its high resistance to tears and the removal of nails ensures high quality.

Cut with a knife, not scissors. Although Klöber Permo is robust and non-deformable, it can easily be cut with a knife. You will not need scissors for small cuts, e.g. around chimneys and antennas

Such roof insulation creates a healthy living environment.

Attics are often reconstructed into dwelling spaces. This requires good thermal insulation and roof underlay materials, which must be permeable enough for laying across the entire length of the rafters. The diffusive membrane, similar to healthy skin, evaporates moisture, which prevents the accumulation of condensate on the inside of the roof. At the same time, the space underneath is protected against water and wind. 


Klöber Permo Easy meets all the above standards and ensures maximum diffusion. 

Klöber Permo Easy is the most lightweight of all underlays produced by Klöber. It is comprised of three layers of fiber and polyolefin membrane. This is a material with higher-than-average performance in all areas. Permo Easy may be used on all non-boarded roofs, regardless of the use of insulation materials between the rafters. Both sides of the diffuse polyethylene membrane are covered by robust and UV-resistant fiber. Because the fiber is very strong, you will not have to deal with any problems as you work.

Hydrophobic, prevents dispersion of water droplets

            untreated                     hydrophobically treated

Uses all available means to prevent water permeation. The hydrophobic treatment of underlays has allowed Klöber to prevent water permeation. In certain conditions, capillary effects were observed around the nails and hinges. Wooden structures absorbed the water. The protection of roof structures against water permeation is called hydrophobic protection. In normal weather conditions, a roof frame in the open air remains dry at all times. This indicates that the frame has been protected well.


The hydrophobic treatment of the underlay makes water droplets run downwards

Klöber engineers applied a special production method to achieve a high hydrophobic level. Such fiber is resistant even to large amounts of water. The layer of hydrophobic fiber shrinks and completely covers the fiber like a protective shield. Even with low pitched roofs, water droplets do not stay on the surface and roll down the surface of the diffuse film.

A great combination of excellent properties and simple installation

The protective breathing skin of the building – Permo Light – is a model of reliability. Just like all other diffuse underlays manufactured by Klöber Permo, it meets all DIN 18338, DIN 4108-3, DIN 68800-2 requirements as well as the most recent Central Roofer Union of Germany requirements. Try the product and see the advantages offered by a diffuse membrane for environmentally-friendly and durable pitched roofs for yourself.

Three-layer structure with a hydrophobic bottom layer  Klöber Permo Light has a strong top layer. This universal membrane with its hydrophobic bottom layer is perfect for both boarded and non-boarded roofs. It can replace any underlay.  Klöber Permo Light's properties are completely convincing to any roofer or architect. The diffuse membrane is protected by strong, UV-resistant fiber from the top, and the bottom fiber has undergone hydrophobic treatment, i.e., it remains waterproof even with the use of aggressive chemicals for wood protection.                                                                             

Optimum performance of state-of-the-art diffuse technology

The applications for Permo Forte are endless. This incredibly strong diffuse underlay meets even the strictest quality requirements and can be used on any pitched roof. Moreover, the strong surface facilitates the installation process and forgives careless steps, sharp-edged wood structures, and rough surfaces.  Klöber Permo Forte is the best way to create an insulated roof and a healthy climate inside.

Four-layer structure: innovative technologies in every layer and double hydrophobic treatment

Klöber Permo Forte is the highest class of new-generation underlays. In addition to the other advantages of Permo membranes, the product has a strong reinforced mesh, which prevents deformation and tears. Moreover, the top and bottom layer have undergone hydrophobic treatment, leaving no possibilities for leaks.

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