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 Lindab Rainline
A reliable rainwater drainage system. The Lindab Rainline system is the most popular and time-tested rain drainage system in the market. One of its main advantages are its innovative joints, which make the assembly process fast and reliable. The Lindab Rainline system is a perfect rainwater drainage system: functional, appealingly shaped and easy to install. Lindab Profil has been the market leader for many years now. This company is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of rainwater drainage systems. Extensive experience and close cooperation with specialists in this field help us find new, improved and innovative solutions.
Assembly is fast and simple and does not require any plaster or binding agents. Half-round gutters and round downpipes as well as a wide color range provides the maximum freedom of choice and the possibility to find a perfect solution for each situation. Galvanized steel sheets with two-sided 35 micrometer Prelaq RWS organic coating ensure resistance to any weather and corrosion as well as the reliable functioning of the system. If you need a lasting system with hardly any maintenance needs, the answer is obvious – the Lindab rainwater drainage system.
Environmental matters are becoming increasingly more relevant on our planet. Clients look for products that do not pose any danger to human health or pollute the environment. The metal used for making the thin sheets the products are made of is entirely environmentally-friendly, from the production process to use. The production of sheets in our facilities does not generate any waste and no environmental effects have been observed. Thin metal sheets do not get covered in mould and do not cause any harmful effects. Discarded as scrap metal, this material, just like any other steel, is recycled into new sheets and products. The production-waste chain is closed and environmentally-friendly.

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