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The so-called lightweight construction technique uses steel, plaster, and mineral wool. All three materials are environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Steel profiles and girders are used for interior and exterior walls. Structural profiles are made of high-resistance steel with the tensile threshold exceeding. The profiles are hot-dip galvanized with a coating of at least. Such galvanization is enough to protect the steel profiles against corrosion throughout the service life of the building. The salts appearing on the surface of zinc due to environmental factors are soluble in water. Outdoors, the salts are washed off every time it rains, and indoors, the salts remain on the surface. Initially, the speed of corrosion of hot-dip galvanized steel is the same both outdoors and indoors. After one year, the corrosion process indoors almost stops. 

British Steel has tested the overlays of steel beams (overground) without plastic foil laid on the ground and even if used so, resistance is ensured for 100 years. Metal profiles are suitable for: roofs and walls with and without thermal insulation; industrial buildings; hangars and warehouses; addition, reconstruction, and renovation; outbuildings.



Structural metal profiles


Z -profiles
U -profiles
  Omega and H profiles


Thickness: 1,0–3,0 mm; minimum length – 1600 mm; maximum length – 18 500 mm