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Thin steel sheets coated in different combinations of metal and paint are a construction material widely used all over the world. The popularity of the material is determined by many of its qualities: Corrosion-resistant, Architectonic, Environmentally-friendly, Fireproof, Easy to shape, Stable under temperature variations. Metal sheets are generally used for roofing and exterior cladding and as the main element in walls, ceilings, and jointed beams.
Our partners have extensive experience in manufacturing pre-painted steel sheets. Choose the products that best suit your needs. Because many requirements apply to steel sheets coated in various combinations – Environmental certification, Processing properties, Fire resistance requirements, Stability under temperature variations, etc. – manufacturers of raw materials have developed many combinations of patented metal coating systems that produce different properties. We present some of them here. Today, the majority of our products are top-quality cold-rolled thin steel sheets coated in a polymeric coating of Prelaq products: Prelaq Polyester and Prelaq Nova as well as Prelaq Matt Polyester, Prelaq GreenCoat, Prelaq PVDF, and Prelaq P200. The raw materials are supplied by the Swedish steel processing company SSAB Tunnplat, owned by SSAB, the largest Scandinavian steel group. We are proud to be the official representatives of this group in Lithuania. Our clients can be sure that the steel sheets we use for cladding roofs and walls are produced by the same company, which incidentally, also produces steel for Volvo cars!


Prelag Polyester 

Polyester-coated steel sheets are among the most popular types of cladding in many countries. This popularity is determined by the many beneficial properties of this material: it is easy to shape, the sheets and polymeric coating are visually appealing, it has great mechanical strength and resistance, and offers great value for money. Polyester ensures suitable protection against corrosion under normal climate conditions.

Prelag Nova 

Pre-painted steel sheets with a 50 µm coating of Prelaq Nova paint are suitable for producing profiled steel sheets for roofing and cladding. Prelaq Nova is suitable for use in regular environments as well as for industrial applications and marine environments. Prelaq Nova is a thick-film polyester top coat. Compared to standard polyester (25 µm), it is much more resistant to mechanical stress (e.g., walking on the roof during installation) and other factors (corrosion, precipitation, sunlight). This coating remains glossy and well protected against corrosion for a long time. The bottom side of the sheet is usually coated in grey epoxy paint.


The following diagrams show the essential properties of the raw materials we use. The greater the distance between the nodes of the polygon and its center, the higher the value of the specific property. Quality guarantee.


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