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At least 600 mm high, the snow guard is made of two 22 mm pipes and holders. Suitable for clay roof tile roofs, roof tile imitation roofs, standing seam metal roofs, etc. The protective railing on the roof is usually installed in order to meet fire safety requirements.




Roof ladders are intended for private houses, villas, semi-detached houses, commercial or industrial buildings, and garages. Roof ladders are easy and fast to install.




Roof bridges are installed for better access to chimneys, antennas, solar cells, skylights, and other objects. Roof bridges make movement on the roof safer. The bridge is 350 mm wide and suitable for trapezoidal, tiled, classic, and standing seam metal roofs.




Ventilation, air-conditioning and other equipment can be mounted on roof bridges. Depending on the conditions and requirements, the bridges can be manufactured to have railings.

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