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Today, construction technologies, materials and management are developing nearly at the same rate as information technology. The gradually opening EU market promises vast opportunities, but leaves no doubt about the rules of the game. Not only will we be able to enter the large EU market, but the Lithuanian market will be opened up as well. Clients are already setting much higher requirements for work quality and management than was the standard several years ago. All of the above is making the participants of the Lithuanian construction market seek change, take on narrower specializations, and improve company management.

Competitive ability processes:

  • A quality management system reduces costs and increases operational effectiveness;
  • Compliance with standards helps improve production, organisational structure, and the general quality of operations;
  • It is in the best interest of the consumers;
  • It is in the best interest of the partners;
  • It is important for investors;
  • It is important for creditors;
  • It strengthens the position of national products with regard to foreign competitors;
  • It broadens export opportunities;
  • It strengthens a company's competitive position in the local market;
  • Absence of a compliance certificate may be considered a serious drawback with regard to quality.


The quality and variety of construction materials, maximum adaptability to the client’s needs, short delivery periods, and economic flexibility are the factors that determine the competitiveness of our company.

The quality of our work is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

If you have any concerns, please contact us. Our job is to help you...

You are witnesses of our success in the market.

Best regards, on behalf of Destata Profil UAB


Gen. direktorius A. Prokapas

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