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A Lithuanian-owned manufacturing and commercial company established in 1999 is well known in the construction industry. The company has offices in Lithuania's major cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai – and a wide network of business partners and distributors.

The company has 25-30 permanent employees.

Operating for 17 years without interruption, we have been providing our clients with a sense of security, which has come to have great value in these dynamic times.

UAB Destata Profil is one of the leading companies in Lithuania engaged in sheet steel processing and the wholesale and retail of consumables for walls and roofs.

In 2000 saw the installation and launch of the first production line. In 2000-2003, investment in manufacturing facilities amounted to over LTL 4 million.

Destata Profil UAB became an official partner of the Swedish steel manufacturer in 2000.

In 2003 Seven new roof and wall profile production lines were launched as well as a facility for manufacturing roof parts. New products were introduced to the market – wall and roof profiles: DP-18, DP-20; DP-45; "SINUS', "Classic", "Origami".

In 2003, "Destata Profil" UAB introduced quality and environmental standards into its operations.

In 2004-2005, the company continued implementing the development strategy for product selection. The company purchased a unique roof Tegula cladding production line and construction profile manufacturing equipment.

Destata Profil UAB is a manufacturing and commercial company staffed with professional employees. It offers a wide selection of roof and wall cladding products as well as other goods.

Top-level customer service, quality products, a flexible payment system, a constantly increasing range of products, quick and convenient delivery, and constant and pleasant communication with the client are the qualities Destata Profil UAB is proud of most.

The main idea and difference between Destata Profil UAB and our competitors is our Manufacturer-Direct business model. The Manufacturer-Direct model allows our clients to save resources and funds. We believe the benefits are obvious.

Destata Profil UAB develops future leaders and our employees undergo regular training. Together we pursue ambitious goals, higher objectives, more effective sales strategies, and new markets. We take our responsibilities to our employees, clients, partners, and society seriously and strive to create a basis for prosperity.

You will always be an important and welcome client!


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